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Georgia In Contact operates on market from 2015.

Our stuff has 20 years of experience in organizing tours for the clients.

Our main market from the first days till now is Europe. We know the demands of these countries and we do our job perfectly!

Why you should choose Georgia In Contact?

We are concentrated on specialized product. Each our partner has its personal attitude! It means that we plan tour especially for concrete partner, as we believe each of you knows your client better than we. You give us information what your customer like, what do they prefer, what is interesting for them and we make the tour adapted specially for them!

WE OFFER tours limited only by your imagination

some ideas

travel Georgia

travel Georgia

Tour to Georgia for FITs, small and big groups, organised according your interests: wine, culture, military, history, eco. We have 20 years of experience. Travel Georgia.

Georgia In Contact : Tours to Georgia - Wine, Culture, History, Gstronomy

tours to Georgia
history tours, eco tours, Travel, Tours, tailor made tours.

tours to Georgia, wine tours, culture tours, military tours, history tours, eco tours, Travel, Tours, tailor made tours.


The leading scientists from seven countries have been studying archeological items found in Georgia for three years. They studied ancient grape seeds, clay vessels and traces of some acid in these vessels that eventually turned out to be wine. In October 2019 it was concluded that Georgia is the birthplace of winemaking. Just imagine 8000 vintages, more than 500 unique grapes and His Majesty KVEVRY- special vessel for making vine! All these makes Georgia very special place for wine lovers!


The culture of Georgia has evolved over the country’s long history, providing it with a unique national culture and a strong literary tradition based on the Georgian language and alphabet. This has provided a strong sense of national identity that has helped to preserve Georgian distinctiveness despite repeated periods of foreign occupation.
Music, architecture, folk, cuisine, winemaking, painting- all of them has its own Georgian soul.


The Georgian cuisine is unique to the country, but also carries some influences from other Caucasian, European and nearby Middle Eastern culinary traditions. Each historical province of Georgia has its own distinct culinary tradition. Rich with meat dishes, the Georgian cuisine also offers a variety of vegetarian dishes.
Being involved in Georgia “supra” makes you feel something special!

wars & history

Language, fatherland and belief – were and are the main things for Georgian people.
We have rich history starting from 1000BC full of wars for independence and identity.
Many famous people were involved in wars, some of them became symbols of evil on the Earth, many cultures mixed and too much died….
You can see very interesting exhibits in the National museums of Georgia, in the National center of manuscripts and museum of Stalin in Gori.

astro tourism

Night sky in semy-desert of Vashlovany National park, stargazing in Kazbegi mountains, Gomi mountain, Abastumani observatory are the places that people are looking for magic views of starry ski, relaxing and making fantastic photos.
Add to all that views good wine, delicious food and fairytales of local people and you will get the best place for “not ordinary” vacation.

eco tourism

National parks, protected landscapes, bio wines, endemic plants, honey made by monks in monasteries, cheese in one the highest villages in Europe, guest houses and bungalows in the nature, fresh air, breathtaking views, welcoming hosting people…. What else is needed to be close to the nature?

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